Photo by Juan Leguizamon // http://www.jfl-illustration.com/

I’m an independent radio producer and freelance reporter based in sunny Los Angeles, CA. I love the quirky, the complex, and the painfully human, and I hold a special place in my heart for community health and arts & culture journalism.

As a public radio reporter, I’ve followed Christmas trees into a lake where they transformed into artificial reefs, and I’ve followed opera singers into a pub where they sought to transform their industry. I’ve stretched time with a sound artist in a process called granular synthesis and traveled back in time to discover the untold stories of Chinese settlers in California. I’ve sat with a dying patient as his physicians discussed his prognosis, and I’ve uncovered the difficulty of diagnosis for the mentally ill.

Over the past few years, my curiosity has turned into a passion for personal portraiture. My journey into the wilds of public media has led me to experiment with short-form, non-narrated audio pieces, live events, online recording tools, sound installations, and community partnerships through Hear Here, the Localore project I designed, produced, and edited.

Currently, I’m producing an hour-long show for NPR’s State of the Re:Union, and I’m also working on an investigative piece as a UC Berkeley 11th Hour Food and Farming Fellow. In my spare time, I’m producing an audiovisual profile series about one of the best and least known groups of people in Los Angeles: the Chinese chefs of the San Gabriel Valley.

In my spare spare time, I like to feel grass between my toes and sun on my skin.

If you’re looking for my CV, head on over to my LinkedIn profile. For a chat, email me at mu.erica@gmail.com. 

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